The town of Alexandroupoli is also very interesting. A town that is reminiscent of the long gone past and the beauty of today. A “key-town” in Greece, whether one comes in or leaves the country from the east and the west. Alexandroupoli, an town with “open arms ” to the sea. A town of tradition and novelty, a town of relaxation and partying, a town of the sea and tourism. Its strategic location, uniting Europe and Asia, the West and the East and thus it is connected to the world and to the rest of Greece by any means, whether it be by land, sea or air.

Capital of the prefecture with all agencies at the disposal of its visitors as well as the hospitable spirit of its 60.000 residents. Sea sports, cosy tavernas, coffee houses and bars along the port quay, the luxurious hotels and the numerous options for fun, guarantee its visitors a pleasant holiday atmosphere and a comfortable stay.