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The beaches in Fanari, Arogi and Mesi are exceptional with crystal blue water that have been awarded three blue flags. Along the coast you will find many beach bars that provide full equipment and services for making your swim more enjoyable.

At a small distance from the hotel, is the village of Fanari, with the picturesque port and many partying alternatives, tavernas and bars.

The area around the hotel is characterised and protected and has been included in the NATURA 2000 network for the preservation and protection of rare birds that find shelter in the area.

A unique experience for nature lovers is a visit to the bird observatory and the environmental park.

At a distance of almost 30 kilometres, lies historical Maroneia, a historic village surrounded by olive groves of hundreds year old, and by the famous vineyards.

A combination of mountain and sea, with special archaeological sites and the excellent historic ancient Theatre of Maroneia, the cave of the Cyclop and Tavaniotis Museum.

At a close distance to the hotel you will find historical Avdira, where you can visit the Archaeological site, the Museum of Avdira and National Park of Eastern Macedonia- Thrace at the beach of Myrodatou of Avdira.